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Entertain on a Deck

Outdoor Deck and Custom Sheds

According to the Home Advisor, when you spend the money to add a deck onto your home, you will likely be able to recoup more than 80% of its cost at sale time.

But you do not need to wait until you sell your home to appreciate it. You can enjoy your backyard deck every single day. You may be the type of person who loves entertaining friends and family, or just like to enjoy some alone time. A deck gives you that setting that empowers you to enjoy your backyard.

A backyard deck helps define your outdoors. (reword>) A convenient, attractive deck encourages outdoor activities in all seasons. Custom decks can enhance a poolside area and make use of otherwise challenging terrain. You will love the new variety of outdoor activities made possible on your custom deck throughout the day.

Decking materials

What are the different deck materials used?

  •  Treated Pine
    Pine that has been treated is structurally superior, and resistant to decay and termites. Pressure treatment allows protective ingredients to penetrate deeply into the heart of the wood. Treated pine is a popular material because it is the least expensive, while maintaining a decent appearance.
  •  Cedar
    Cedar wood is a good choice for construction of outdoor decks and stairs. Cedar naturally resists decay, is light in weight, easy to work with, and fits the majority of architectural styles. Cedar holds up well in constant exposure to the sun, though if not stained every 2-3 years, it will begin to gray. However, it is less prone to cracking and splintering like treated pine decks.
  •  Composite
    Made by combining cedar wood fiber and recycled material, composite decks are appreciated for their appearance and low maintenance. Composite material is more resistant to moisture and less prone to bending and warping. A composite deck is very durable, is as easy to install and looks very similar to regular wood, but requires minimal maintenance. Composite is becoming a popular material choice because of its low maintenance requirements; however, it is more expensive than other materials.
  •  Vinyl
    Originally designed for marine docks, vinyl decks are another popular option for residential decking because of their durability, appearance, and low maintenance. Vinyl provides a wide variety of colors, and is easily kept looking new for many years.

What type of material should I choose for my project?

The material you choose should be based on these factors:
  •  The look you want
  •  Your budget
  •  The best material for your climate
  •  Your usage/durability expectations

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Front Porch

Custom Sheds

Custom Sheds

With a garden shed, you can always create a relaxing backyard escape. Store and organize your tools, improve the general look of your garden, and create a private space for you and your family while increasing your property’s aesthetics and value.

You love your backyard. It's a place where you can find solitude one day, and host a barbecue the next. At the same time, your backyard requires a lot of work to keep up its appearance. And that work requires a variety of tools: shovels, hedge trimmers, rakes, loppers, clippers, buckets, tarps, your leaf blower, and---of course---the mower. If you don't have a shed, these tools end up in some random place in the yard or are taking up precious space in your garage. Building a shed is an affordable and practical project that offers a variety of benefits. Not only will it help you to organize your life, it will add value to your home that will stand to make the payoff that much more when it comes time to sell. There are many great reason to build a shed. Here are four of them.

Benefits of having a custom shed

  •  Tool storage
    Your garage has its own purpose. It's where you have your workbench and keep your hotrod looking pretty. There's really no need to be cluttering it up with all your yard tools. You could end up scratching your car or leaking oil onto your garage floor. By adding a shed, you'll be able to leave the garage to the business it was meant for.
  •  Increased property value
    Building a shed might not be the first project that comes to mind when looking for ways to boost your property value. But the reality is that a well-crafted, professionally-built shed is a very desirable feature to potential homebuyers. And you get to enjoy the convenience that it provides until the day finally comes when you do sell. It's an investment that has day-to-day practical benefits.
  •  Generate Space
    Other than providing space for tools and gardening equipment, a garden shed can still be used by homeowners who don’t do gardening work. If you happen to purchase a house with a garden shed, rejoice for the many things you can do with it.
  •  Workshop
  •  Game or entertainment room
  •  Gym
  •  Home office

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